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Lowongan Kerja Chevron | Recruitment Chevron Indonesia (Riau, Jakarta) - Chevron is a major partner in Indonesia's economy and an active member of the community. Through our wholly owned subsidiary PT Chevron Pacific Indonesia, we are the largest producer of Indonesia's crude oil. We are searching for new oil and gas reserves from central Sumatra to offshore East Kalimantan. We have begun design work on our deepwater natural gas project off East Kalimantan through Chevron Indonesia Company Our geothermal operations in Indonesia help make Chevron the largest producer of geothermal energy in the world. Chevron sells lubricants in Indonesia through our subsidiary PT Chevron Oil Products Indonesia.


Lowongan Chevron Indonesia

Sumatera Operation :

The company’s first significant step in Asian exploration and production came in Indonesia in 1924, when Standard Oil Co. of California (Socal) dispatched a geological expedition to the island of Sumatra. In 1936, the as-yet unproductive holdings became part of Caltex, the worldwide combination of the Texas Co. and Socal. Five years later, the company drilled into the formation that would become the Duri Field (Riau), today site of the world’s largest enhanced recovery steam flood.

In 1944, a well near the village of Minas – which company explorers had placed a rig over at the outbreak of World War II – was drilled by Japanese troops. Minas became the largest oil field ever discovered in Southeast Asia. Interrupted by the war and Indonesia’s subsequent struggle for independence, production began in 1952. In 1963, the company was incorporated in Indonesia as P.T. Caltex Pacific Indonesia (CPI).

CPI was awarded operatorship of the Kisaran Block in 2001. The block is located in a gas and oil prospective basin just north of the Rokan Block. Chevron holds a 25 percent interest in South Natuna Sea Block B. During the initial exploration and delineation phase of the 1970s and early 1980s, a eastward into the ultra-deep PSCs of the Kutei Basin. An appraisal well is planned for 2006.

In 2005, South Natuna Block B total daily production averaged 61,000 barrels of crude oil (7,000 net barrels) and 359 million cubic feet of natural gas (82 million net cubic feet). Production is from three crude oil and natural gas fields, and six dry natural gas fields. The first crude oil from the $1.6 billion Belanak project occurred in early 2005. Development drilling will continue through late 2006, and estimated project completion date is mid-2008.

The CPI operated Dumai terminal provides a critical link between Indonesia’s produced petroleum resources and their markets even though PERTAMINA owns and operates most of the country’s downstream assets. Using high speed pumps, the Dumai port can load four tankers simultaneously from its 6-million-barrel storage system.

Kalimantan Operation :

As of June 2006, Chevron Indonesia Company is supported by around 1,734 employees, in which 1,221 are stationed in East Kalimantan and another 513 in Jakarta. Chevron Indonesia Company is also supported by more than 1,300 business partner contractor employees. In 2005, Chevron Indonesia Company contributed around 54,000 BOPD of liquid and 218 MMCFD gas production to the National oil and gas production.

Chevron Indonesia Company’s concession area is divided by the Mahakam Delta - as the imaginary border - into two main areas: North and South area, and the West Seno, a deepwater project at the Makassar Strait. On the North operation area, Chevron Indonesia Company operates Attaka, Melahin, Kerindingan, Serang and West Seno fields, and the Santan terminal. While on the South operation area, Chevron Indonesia Company runs the Sepinggan and Yakin fields, Lawe-Lawe Terminal and Base Camp, Penajam Supply Base (PSB), and Pasir Ridge Balikpapan Office. Sepinggan & Yakin, Attaka and West Seno are three of Chevron Indonesia Company’s major fields. Lying on the south of Delta Mahakam, Sepinggan and Yakin fields have been producing oil & gas for more than 3 decades. Sepinggan commenced production in April 1975, reaching a peak production of 26.600 barrels oil per day (BOPD) by 1991, while Yakin started up just over a year later, reaching 13.200 BOPD by 1986.



Recent Graduates : (Lulusan Fesh Gradute S3, S2, S1, D4, D3) :

  • Lab Research/ Specialist (Ext-148/ES/RG/CPI/P&T/2013) |    Pasir Ridge - Closing Date : 28 Mei 2014
  • Optimization Engineer (Ext-24/PE/RG/CICO/OU/2014) | Pasir Ridge - Closing Date : 28 Mei 2014
  • Instrumentation & Control Technician (Geothermal Operations) (Ext-42/OPS/RG/CGI/GPO/2014) | Darajat - Closing Date : 25 Mei 2014


  1. Government Relations Specialist (Ext-157/PGPA/EXP/CPI/LAW/2013) | Duri - Closing date : 01 Juni 2014
  2. Communication Specialist (Ext-171/PGPA/EXP/CICO/PGPA/2013) | Jakarta - Closing date : 01 Juni 2014
  3. Community Engagement Specialist (Ext-172/PGPA/EXP/CPI/PGPA/2013) | Duri - Closing date : 01 Juni 2014
  4. Reservoir Engineer - Deepwater Development (Ext-79/PE/EXP/CHEVRON-IBU/DW/2013) | Jakarta - Closing Date : 29 Mei 2014
  5. Lab Research/ Specialist (Ext-147/ES/EXP/CPI/P&T/2013) | Minas - Closing date : 28 Mei 2014
  6. Geomodeler for Deepwater Development (Ext-19/ES/EXP/CICO/OU/2014) | Jakarta - Closing date : 28 Mei 2014
  7. Optimization Engineer (Ext-23/PE/EXP/CICO/OU/2014) | Pasir Ridge - Closing Date : 28 Mei 2014
  8. DRILLING ENGINEER DEEPWATER (Ext-150/DC/EXP/CICO/DRIL/2012) | Jakarta - Closing : 27 mei 2014
  9. COMPLETIONS ENGINEER DEEPWATER (Ext-151/DC/EXP/CHEVRON-IBU/DRIL/2012) | Jakarta - Closing : 27 Mei 2014
  10. Instrumentation & Control Technician (Geothermal Operations) (Ext-41/OPS/EXP/CGI/GPO/2014) | Darajat - Closing Date : 25 Mei 2014

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